Since 1983….

When Many Happy Returns, Inc. first opened in Hackensack over 30 years ago, I wanted to provide a year-round client-focused tax preparation and planning service. We began with 30 clients and have grown to almost 4,000, now specializing in personal and small business taxes as well as financial planning. We continue to provide quality customer service with reasonable fees and year-round availability. No return is prepared without a prior estimate if requested and all initial consultations are also free of charge.

Our office now utilizes multiple accountants, financial planners and tax professionals that are available throughout the year to answer questions regarding all financial matters. Our services include payroll, sales tax filings, new business start-ups, unfiled returns and audit help.

All personal returns are filed electronically at no additional charge including direct deposit of refunds. Much of our success is due to our “Mail-In Program” where all relevant tax information is collected by the client at year-end and mailed to our office with a completed tax checklist organizer that we provide.

 In addition, we assist with tax correspondence, quarterly filings and other issues such as liens and levies. We also help with the establishment of payment plans and will contact the IRS or other government agencies on our client’s behalf to help with unresolved individual or business tax issues.

 Our services also include tax preparation of individual and business returns from all fifty states and U.S. citizens living or working abroad as we continue to operate in a small business, easily accessible atmosphere where the client always comes first. 

Thank you for choosing Many Happy Returns and for your continued loyalty,

John R. Godino, Certified Financial Planner